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Through our products, we can provide people with a more comfortable and better life, and pursue to create a happier and happier living environment. We believe that “the origin of enterprises starts from customers”. All enterprises can survive only based on customers, with the goal of making the lives of customers happier and more comfortable, and can provide more dreams Convenient and hard to study and think, and strive for the development of all customers, all employees and colleagues from all walks of life who support the company, that is, the formation of the “good cycle” we pursue.

  • Commodity development
  • Production management
  • Overseas OEM export
  • Import and export to Japan
  • Domestic sales in China
  • Trade agent

We will look for the focus that has not been paid attention to,
Develop products that can meet the needs of customers
Feel “it suits me!”
All of our products have unique features that can be called “yes”
Special entry point, which can meet people’s needs in detail
All kinds of wishes.

We also pay full attention to the popularity and sense of design of goods,
Many customers will exclaim in surprise:
“This is exactly what I want!”

COGIT inspection logistics center has set strict
Commodity evaluation standards, and established the evaluation system for quality
A complete system of thorough investigation.
For complaints and inquiries from customers, the customer service
The department handles it carefully, whether praising or criticizing customers
Opinions will be in the later commodity development and improvement
Get quick feedback.

Customer information will also be well managed and saved.

While paying attention to the creativity and quality of goods,
We also attach great importance to the price of goods.
We believe that on the premise of pursuing creativity and ensuring quality
By controlling the price as much as possible, we can control the price to a greater extent
Increase customer satisfaction.

Let’s use the most innovative ideas and the most “value-added” price
Bring you a happier, brighter and more moving life.

COGIT’s views on environment, safety and performance
  • Can it be recycled
  • Avoid over packaging as much as possible
  • Try not to use polycarbonate
  • Do not use products containing environmental hormones (PVC
    Formaldehyde, etc.)
  • No matter what kind of goods, they should be tested with measuring instrument as far as possible
  • Do not use nickel cadmium batteries
  • Try not to use chemicals
The concept of goods proposed by the company to customers
  • Goods that can provide dreams and happiness
  • Provide safe and assured goods
  • Is it based on the appropriate price

Things that meet the above standards should be checked again by the quality assurance department. Only those things that meet these standards can enter the production and sales links.
*In addition, the quality assurance department, production, planning, business and other departments will make every effort to improve the goods for the complaints related to the sold goods.