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[Small Face Series] “Avoid prolonged use”. How long can I use it at a time?
If you use it for the first time, your face will not get used to the feeling of being tightened. If you use it for a long time, it will probably feel uncomfortable. There is no specific usage time in theory because individual differences have different adaptations to products. Please adjust the use time according to your physical condition and without discomfort.
Why do I sometimes feel tired in my legs when I use the Butt Care Cushion?
This product is designed as a dough expander that can be pressed on the inside of both legs.
The bulge design on the inside of both legs allows users to better maintain the hip-centered tension on the inside of both legs while sitting, to achieve legs muscles that are difficult to use in exercise. Because each person’s physique is different, the time to adapt to this product is also different. It is best to gradually extend the usage time by 5-15 minutes a day.
[Multi-functional combination shoe frame] How can the resin frame be assembled smoothly?
If it is difficult to assemble according to the instructions in the instructions, you can also try to assemble the v-shoe rack flat to the ground.
_Refer to the following figure
First select a flat area to flatten the resin frame, then add another one on top and position it according to the shape.
(2) According to the concave and convex of the upper and lower panels of the resin frame.
(3) After correctly confirming the position, try to make the two plates fit together as equally as possible.



What are the features of

[Pelvic Orthodontic Belt]?
The disc strap is made of raw rubber. Whether walking or indoor use is very convenient. It fits the user’s body perfectly and does not slip easily.
It can support the waist very well and play a good protective role. It also comes with a strong adhesive strap, which makes it easy to adjust the size of your waist and abdomen without worrying about buying the wrong size.
What makes a Sunscreen Cap different?

The sun protection fabric is used. Sun protection index is above 90%. And in the design, they all use small color design, which can play a better role in shading UV. It has a wide head circumference and cross-strap, so it doesn’t distort the hairstyle.

The mystery of the Shoe Cushion Series?

Cushion Series) Depending on the season, there are different types of cushions for different shoe styles. Suitable for boots, single shoes, sandals, etc. Depending on the function, it can meet the needs of all kinds of people. There are increased, massage, anti-fatigue and so on.

What is the function of beauty slippers?

Beauty slippers) Take both physical fitness and fitness into account. It does not affect indoor activities, but also achieves weight loss effect. Cute design, keep the lower body lines strong.

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